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You stand in line at the Post Office. You stand in line at the DMV. You waste your time standing in line nearly everywhere. Bureaucratic Bullshit is the one thing that makes me very angry! Any of this make you angry?

1. So you go somewhere to get something done and there's a huge line. You're not happy.

2. But you stand there and deal with it until time ticks on for too long.

3. And then the attendant at the desk takes a break, leaving the kiosk vacant, and you still waiting. That sends you into an anger-fueled tailspin.

Like, at the busiest time of the day, you leave because you want to? No. UNACCEPTABLE.

4. And in your fit of rage you read some sign that tells you, you forgot something, like one of the 8,000 forms of ID necessary to get anything done.

Ok so my Social Security card, 2 debit cards, birth certificate, copy of my birth certificate, driver's license, copy of my driver's license and my soul aren't enough for you?

5. There are still people in front of you when you are ready to lose it...but you keep it cool until you finally get to the counter.

And then Satan takes hold.

6. You're tired, you're hungry. You've probably skipped your lunch and wasted your day, standing in line...and the clerk has the audacity to say, "What do you want?" and scowl.

...come on!

7. Then the clerk finds some way to turn you away because you don't have the right form or something, and you almost can't believe it.

Because you've been in line forever, and now that you've reached your destination they want you to start over?

8. And you get so mad that you try to rationalize your anger to the clerk, but she doesn't care.

She'll probably laugh at you.

9. Then you finally accept your fate and leave...but not without a final FU.

Man waiting in line is a drag.
@allischaaff it's so funny. Makes me laugh every time hahah thanks!! #byedontfollowme
Byedon'tfollowme is one of my favorite Lemongrab moments hahaha. You summed it up perfectly @TessStevens!!
your really smell like dog buns