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Pink has always been the favorite color for Kpop comebacks (it's only a matter of time before YOUR bias goes pink) but who did it best?

Scroll through and leave your thoughts below:

Krystal - f(x)

Dongwoo - Infinite

Sunny - SNSD

Irene - Red Velvet

Hongbin - VIXX

Serri - Dal Shabet

P.O - Block B

Woozi - Seventeen

GD - Big Bang

Sehun - EXO

Jia - Miss A

Minzy - 2NE1

Sungjong - Infinite

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2 years ago·Reply
Jia for girls, GD or Woozi for guys ♡ gd looks like royalty here idk he's perf. and Sungjong is gorgeous as usual ♡-♡
2 years ago·Reply
Taeyang! the pink alien of course!
2 years ago·Reply
gotta go with my girl and show support to MissA... Jia-shi all day! 사랑해요 지아 시
2 years ago·Reply
Ok so as to who this suits I have to say it looks good on Crystal, Dongwoo, Serri, P.O, Woozi, GD (any hair colour suits GD, let's be honest) and finally Minzy. The others all look fine but I don't think pink is really the right colour for them XD
2 years ago·Reply