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I knew Amy Schumer was a hilarious stand-up and sketch comedian, but I had no idea she was such an improv master. As usual, we have Jimmy Fallon to thank for pointing out something hilarious.
A few days ago on The Tonight Show, Amy and Jimmy played the game "Emotional Interview", while discussing Amy's newest movie, Trainwreck. Instead of a normal, boring interview, this one has fun rules. Every time they hear a ding, the two have to act out a certain emotion, while continuing their discussion.
"Condescending", "fake nice" and "a little too tipsy" are by far the most hilarious emotions that they act out. Both Jimmy and Amy are a little too good at improvising the "a little too tipsy" emotion (possibly because they are a little too tipsy during this interview?!)
@LizArnone @allischaaff more proof that she is amazing
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I love this girl so much -- even before the movie.
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@alywoah I haven't seen the movie yet!! I'm dying too, but I like her already so I'm sure I'll love it
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I would love to play this game with my friends actually.
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@LauraFisher OH for sure you'll love it!!!!!
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