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Top Must Try Foods At The Smorgasburg

Ahh the Smorgasburg; a weekend delight for all foodies, or if you haven't heard of this before, a place where the most amazing food stands are all in one walkable location tempting you with a different amazing smell at every step.
It is the food loves paradise and when I go this weekend I really don't plan on ever leaving...or at least dropping money to try everything I could ever want and need.
Because yes, 5 star food truck food is absolutely necessary.
Soooo, I did some research. Just so I can focus on the end game, not get distracted by the glorious fries (pro-tip: those are the longest lines) and get as much food as I possibly can.

Big Mozz

Pulling and stretching the fresh made mozzarella cheese throughout the day, this new food truck has gotten my attention. They base their cheesy menu of perfection on the tangy taste of their fresh cheese.

Asia Dog

New York Hot Dogs are the best hot dogs around and you really can't tell me anything different. So why not try some hot dogs with very different and amazing toppings! Because honestly, anything and I mean anything will taste good on a hot dog.

The Ramen Burger

Just look at it and tell me you aren't curious. A perfect beef burger, piled with fresh local veggies all sandwiched between two Ramen noodle buns.
I am getting this first and not sharing any of it.

Ark Foods

Don't worry, just because everything I already listed sounds super unhealthy doesn't mean all the food trucks are! At Ark Foods they are interested in serving up veggies in ways that will leave your tastebuds dying for more.

BiteMe Cheesecake

Obviously you have to make room for dessert. With flavors like Apple Bacon, Strawberry Balsamic, and Chocolate Lust you will be buying way more then just one Bite.
I am already drooling.
And to think that these are only 5 of the seemingly endless food stations lined up. I will need to be rolled out of Williamsburg. Ill be sure to take pics of the all the food I end up getting to fill you guys in!
Oh and P.S. apparently their lobster rolls are pretty famous so....I'll add that to the ever growing list too.
Tell me how the burger was.
@Gavriella TOOO MANY OPTIONS lmfao I'm legit gonna have to walk around so much and get super confused at what i want @TessStevens ughhhh i know right! they inject their massive cheese balls with sauce !! NOMMM
Ah @LizArnone that mozzarella thing looks Godly.
@LauraFisher thankfully I'm going with a group so i can try all of their stuff mwahahha i will need some mexican tho.... @TessStevens i know right!! which thing do you wanna eat right now !?
I'm partial to Regal Vegan and Chickpea and Olive but they're both vegan places if you're looking for meat... but they are amazing nonetheless!
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