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With the last installment of the Hunger Games coming out soon and new previews getting released everyday, I thought it would be good to do a roundup of Effie Trinket's best looks from the first three movies.

Blue and gold

In this look, Effie channels her inner galactic star (with feathered wings) and rocks a blue and gold ensemble complete with glitter tights. The volume on that hair is incredibly impressive.

There is nothing as too many ruffles

The best way to stand out from the two people beside you wearing all black? Rock the most unwearable and most ridiculous fabric known to mankind: ruffles. Effie keeps it interesting with a dress made entirely out of ruffles. She even matches the ruffled dress with ruffled bracelets and ruffled shoes. Keep the ruffles coming, Effie.

Mermaid fashion

This is what I like to call the mermaid color scheme: aqua and green. She also has some sea-inspired embellishments like that shoulder piece that looks like seaweed and the hairpiece that looks strangely like the evil eels from The Little Mermaid.

Pinky pink

Let's see how many shades of pink we can fit into one outfit. Well, this is the outcome when you give yourself that challenge. Effie rocks 50 shades of pink in the reaping ceremony from the first film.

Monarch in not a monarchy

So, I actually (not sarcastically) love this look. True, it's a little over-the-top but it's incredibly unique and Effie works it incredibly well. The butterfly design that continues on her eyelashes and head piece is absolutely stunning. And the fact that she could walk in those shoes really deserves an award.

Can't wait to see what Effie wears in the next film!

@Gavriella You should also watch the other ones, even if it's just for Effie's fashion haha
@Gavriella My favorite parts of the movies were her outfits haha. It's fun to see what she's going to wear next.
I love this card! To be honest I only saw the first Hunger Games movie but she has such crazy costumes that it's awesome to see them all together!
Yes, yes, yes! So much YES!
Now I want to!