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HELP!!! New Hair Cut
new i need some help finding new hair styles.
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@Brianna101 soft waves would look good with your current haircut because you have lots of layers. The layers also compliment your face shape. One suggestion, when you have your straight try use dry shampoo to tease the top so it gives your hair more volume. Also, try adding accent braids! :)
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@hairconfetti accent braids? haven't heard of them.
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@TessStevens ways to do my new hair cut because it's alot shorter.
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@Brianna101 I did a post about that earlier...my hair is about shoulder length, but I did this when I was growing out my pixie cut too. Hope it helps :) https://www.vingle.net/posts/958488-Lazy-Ass-Hairstyles
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I could try some
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