Everyone that is into Kpop and K-dramas know that they have at least one or various kpop groups/actor (s)/actress (es) that they hold dear and have special places in their (our) hearts. I already talked about my favorite actors in a challenge that @poojas created on the K-drama community on Vingle. So now in this post, I'll be talking about my ultimate K-pop boy group bias. I have many Kpop groups or solos that I love (I.e.: Big Bang, BTOB, JYJ, EXO, Jay Park, Zion T, G. Soul, Infinite, Epik High, Crush, Loco, NU'EST ,etc.), but my Ultimate K-pop Boy Group Bias of all time has to be BLOCK B... And here are the reasons why.
1. Music They were created by Cho PD as a hip hop project to be "Korea's Eminem" type of group... As a Kpop group the way they started it was great but I thought that they kind of looked limited. After all the controversials and law suit with Stardom, they were signed by a new label "Seven Seasons", and they are the only group signed by them. Afterwards, that's when I saw a big change, and realized that they had more freedom to do music to their taste, even produce it. Even though this group only has 4 years since it debuted, I feel like their music was speaking to me like I've known them for ages.
2. Bad boy/rough image Since they are hip hop project/group they tend to have a bad boy image, which I guess I'm into bad guys more, I have weird tastes... Don't judge me. Even though they are a K-pop group they do look real cool when they have a rough image. I know they are not the only K-pop group that has a rough image, but they are so unique to me that it drives me crazy.
3. Their cute side Okay, I know, everyone in the K-pop world have their cute side, but how can you not love it... Their cuteness is in a level that I can't even explain. I also know that this contradicts what I said about me loving their rough side, but hey... I can also be a sucker for cuteness.
4. Their funny/Derp side As all you may know, these idiots that I love so much, are well know for being funny and making pranks against each other, and making weird but awesome derp faces, which makes me wonder why my face don't look like that whenever I try to derp.
5. They're so close (literally) Again, in every K-pop group that you see, there's that close relationship amongst member, but what can I say, this just make me love them even more.
6. Their members' tattoos This topic is more uncommon in K-pop groups, not many have them, but what I love is that they know how to rock their tattoos, and not care what others have to say about it. By the way, I've been wanting to get a tattoo myself.
7. Their crazy dance moves: I love how when they make a video for their new comeback song, their dance moves are always interesting. In NalinA, they came up with the gorilla dance, in 'Very Good' they dance the frog dance, in 'Her' it was a cute dance, even in their subunit Bastarz their song 'Conduct Zero' it was a very manly tough and sexy type of dance, along with many other dances in each of their videos. -The video in the end, Block B's B-Bomb collaboration with other stars is a panty droppa!
8. They FREAKING love CAKE The Pictures will speak for themselves.
9. I love them even as fan-art/drawings Again, the pictures will speak for themselves. Bonus: Block B Emojis :3 Kawai °^°
10. The members in the group. Do I have to say more? If so... (In this post, I'll be talking about my ultimate bias K-pop group by oldest to youngest) Taeil: The "hyung" in the group a.k.a the oldest, but how can you be that old and be so darn cute, no wonder why they call him Baby Taeil. His tattoos confuses me the most, because at times it make him look old, but then it make him look cute. He has an amazing voice, I just love it, and always slays the song. B-Bomb: The "lone wolf" haha, where? All I see is that he seems to be the most quiet and reserved... Ohhhh wait, Nevermind! Oh well, I don't care, he brings the sexiness when he is on the dance floor. I wish to have a dance battle with him, I know, I will lose, but its still on my bucket list (don't ask why). And that dimple always kills me, can I just consider him the 'selcas guy', I mean, have you seen his Instagram account? Jaehyo: The "visuals"... What??? No, he is more than visuals, he is sweet, a gentleman, and a ladies man, but he can be mean to his fellow members for being the most handsome in the group. Well that was until he got 'Chubby' (healthy), he still looks so cute with chubby cheeks I just want to squish them... BTW, have you seen his abs? U-Kwon: The 'voice imitator', well I call him like that because he is very talented at imitating other famous stars. He can imitate G-Dragon, he can even imitate his fellow member P.O., even animals, for goodness sake. U-kwon to me seem to be the most mature one, he knows how keep the flow, and his smile brings a warmth to my little heart. Not gonna lie, when I first met this group, I always confused him and B-Bomb; I even shipped them so much specially since they are the best dancers in the group. Park Kyung: The 'considerate' one. I don't know why people call him ugly. No, that's not the case, a face is not what makes people, its their hearts and I don't consider him ugly. From amongst the members he is the one who interacts and cares most about his fans. He even cried, in one of their comeback concerts after they were sign by Seven Seasons because fans made a fan made video supporting Block B in their tough journey, and it really touched his heart, I even cried with him. So many onions were being chopped! I love his rap, and how he is friends with Zico since grade school, and it makes me think that it was meant to be. Zico: The 'leader', enough said. Zico always surprises me with his rap and leadership skills. The way he produces songs and all the hard work he puts into the group, it's admirable. I just love how he features in other people's songs, and adds a touch of his taste. He keeps doing collaborations with other artist, and I feel like he is everywhere, lol. Zico is one of those charismatic guys you want to be around all the time. Props to you man, and your amazing rap skills. P.O.: The 'maknae', awwweee <3. Yes, the youngest and the most childish one (playful). I don't even know where to start with this guy. I mean whenever I see him perform on stage he brings a manly aura, specially with that deep voice that he has (how can someone so young and adorable have such a voice). Anyways, besides his manly aura, off-stage he brings another side of him that makes me want to steal him, and keep him all to myself. Yes, I said it. Although I love every member of the group, this maknae is my bias from the whole group, and his unique style aegyo just keeps messing up my feels, and makes my little heart explode. I love this man, and when he raps with that deep voice of his.
I can continue on and on and on and on, blabbing about how much I love these dorks, but I just gonna leave it up to here, because I had limited space. I know its not a short post, but this is a side of me that I wanted to share with you guys, next stop... Ultimate Girl K-pop group. I really hope you guys love it, as much as I do. Although, its sad that I won't be able to see them at K-Con this year, but hopefully next time they are touring in the US, I would be able to go. All credits go to their rightful owner: pinterest, google, tumblr, facebook, twitter, Instagram, articles, etc.
@SHINeeIngGirl yes, it does make sense, and I love it when different fandoms support each other instead of hating! I tried my best to write this card... and I had many things to say, but it was limited, but I tried to summarize it!
@ErinGregory ikr... i just love their uniqueness and personalities they are just awesome no matter what
thank I appreciate it! :3
@MinionPeach17 You did a great job! ^.^
You spoke my thoughts! My two ultimate boy groups are SHINEE and Block B. The artist and the fandom, both are amazing and very caring of each other. ^^ if that made any sense. lol xD BBC ♡♡♡♡
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