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Welcome to the fourth battle in Fantasy Kpop.

Today you'll need to choose who you think is the best maknae in Kpop - boys or girls!
If you haven't added your Fantasy group to the list, you can do that here!

If you want to know what truly makes a great maknae:

You're the cutest member, obviously

But you can totally turn on the fierce.

You're in charge of the mood of the group

but are always a little mischievous.

You have the older members under your control

and know you can get away with anything

Here are the categories:

Sexiest Maknae:

Maknae you didn't know was Maknae:

Cutest Maknae:

Biggest Trouble Maker:

Most Talented Maknae:

(three cheers for violent maknae's too!)

Sexiest Maknae: Taemin Maknae you didn't know was a maknae (at first): Yugyeom (thought it was bambam..) Cutest Maknae: Sungjong ♡ Biggest trouble maker: Sehun Most talented Maknae: Zelo Of course all these maknaes have a bit of every category but these are just my opinions;D
Sexiest Maknae: TAEMIN (SHINee) Maknae you didn't know was Maknae: CHANSUNG (2PM) Cutest Maknae: YIJEONG (History) Biggest Trouble Maker: SEUNGRI (Big Bang) Most Talented Maknae: TAEHYUN (Winner)
Sexiest Maknae: BTS Jungkook( he has those moments where he can be really sexy 😥) Maknae you didn't know was the Maknae: It's between 2pm Chansung and Big Bang Seungri Cutest Maknae: Vixx Hyuk Biggest Troublemaker: EXO Sehun Most Talented: BTS Jungkook (let's admit he can pretty much do everything, nothing the golden maknae can't do 😄)
ok i got this 1. Sexiest Maknae: MADTOWN H.O 2. Maknae You Didn't Know Was Maknae: Block B P.O 3. Cutest Maknae: B.A.P Zelo 4. Biggest Trouble Maker Maknae: EXO Sehun 5. Most Talented Maknae: BTS Jungkook
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