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All of the titans in the west seemed to be making strong additions in the off-season, except for Houston. Yesterday, that trend came to an end as the Rockets made a move to add Ty Lawson.
The Rockets made it to the Western Conference Finals last year, but fell short against the Golden State Warriors. Houston could not find a way slow down the Warrior backcourt.

The addition of Ty Lawson make Houston a favorite to win it all.

Ty Lawson will be a force from day one with the Rockets. Offensively, Lawson is the perfect addition to the Houston roster. Despite a lack of star power on the Denver roster last year, Lawson was still top five in the NBA in assists per game.
Lawson will thrive in Houston due to his versatile skill set. As evident in the footage above, Ty is an elite finisher and passer in transition. In the half court, Lawson is exceptional in pick and roll situations. Due to the players around him, Lawson can also play back seat as James Harden can score at will.
The window of opportunity to win championships are few and far between for many NBA teams. With two stars on roster in their prime, it was imperative for the Rockets to surround them with strong role players.
Ty Lawson is just the player this team needed. He’s creative in transition and knows what it takes to win a championship (he went all the way at UNC.) There is no doubt in my mind, the addition of Ty Lawson can lead Houston to the promised land.
He's got some problems, though, no? I read the other day that one of the Nuggets coaches said he could smell liquor on him at practice on a daily basis...
yeah, you're probably right - it's easy to see this kind of story being blown up and made to be worse than it really was. definitely gives him a tough rep though. do you think it lowered his price at all?
@jeff4122 If I were the Knicks I would've made a move for him for sure.. this a guy who was top 5 in assists per game last year. I mean, they are rolling Galloway or Calderon out there, give Melo a chance at least
@jeff4122 I don't think any franchise would roll a player out there who came to practice on a reg like that. Many players party hard in between games, I just think that was blown a bit out of proportion by the media.. and his PR team acted to save face some