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I'm in love with the coco and you should be too.

Coconut oil is been on the up and up over the past few years making a huge buzz in the hair community. People used to generally associate coconut oil with cooking, but much to our surprise coconut oil has several different uses and if you aren't aware -- let me hip you right quick. If you thought olive oil and honey were amazing products to use for glowing skin and beautiful hair, just wait until you hear how awesome coconut oil is for all around, every day beauty hacks.

The Perfect Makeup Remover

Stop spending tons of money on those fancy makeup removers that breakout your face in the morning. Take the natural route and try out some coconut oil. Allow it to sit on your skin and immediately melt away every trace of makeup in little to no time.

Chapped Lips Be Gone

Say goodbye to chapped, dry lips forever. Coconut oil solidifies and makes it easy to apply to lips -- leaving them soft, moisturized and smelling amazing.

Restoring Scalp Health

If you suffer from a dry scalp or even dandruff, coconut oil will come in handy. Grease your scalp and allow the coconut oil to penetrate your scalp resulting in hair growth.

Combatting Bad Breath

Move over Listerine, there's a new mouthwash in town. If you're looking to kill bacteria, whiten your teeth and have an overall healthy mouth -- try the oil pulling (you can read about it here).

Sweet Smelling Body Oil

No need for lotions and butters when you have coconut oil. Apply immediately after showering for soft, smooth skin that will leave you smelling absolutely magnificent.

Ladies, what do you specifically use coconut oil for?

I discovered the oil cleansing method a few months ago, and I've been in love with coconut oil ever since. I use it to wash my face and I use it as a deep conditioner.
I like to use it as skin moisturizer! Applied before bed as early as last night ;) works wonders!! (and some kinds smell soooo good)
@jordanhamilton not afraid to admit I like to look good and take care of my body lol, and with how many uses coconut oil has, it's more practical to use it than buy a heap of other products
Not a girl but I use Coconut oil for all of these things.. Except makeup removal lol
I definitely agree with you! coconut oil is literally an all purpose item and you shouldn't be ashamed one bit -- when you look good you feel good! :) @MattK95
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