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On Broadway right now is Something Rotten! a hilarious musical comedy about two playwright brothers as they compete against the stud-muffin Shakespeare.
But even though Shakespeare is the stud of the show, he still has his struggles too! In his song, "It’s Hard to be the Bard” he perfectly described the struggles of a writer.
Check out some of the best lyrics:
is that writing’s demanding it’s mentally challenging and it’s a bore its such a chore to sit in the room by yourself
the pressure to create (it’s hard) hard to do something as good as the last thing I did that was already great
This song resonates with me on so many levels.
So he’s an English poet, playwright, actor, often referred to as the greatest writer in the English language. But look! He has struggles too!
Let’s just say we can’t all be Shakespeare, but even if were as good, we would still have struggles too.
“I know writing made me famous, but BEING famous is just so much more fun.”