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Only the best girl groups can pull off a sexy AND sweet concept - and these girls are some of the queens.

Now it's your chance to choose:

Who's better sexy and who should stay sweet?

Girls Generation

Oh! vs. Run Devil Run

Girls Day

Expect vs Darling

Dal Shabet

Supa Dupa Diva vs Joker


Give It To Me vs Loving U


Poison vs Shy Boy


A vs Sunshine


Heart to Heart vs I My Me Mine

Or you can be AOA and be sexy and cute all at the same time!

I like all of them and how they balance between cute and sexy (especially MissA...who you forgot :-P ) but the cute videos I usually come back to more
Also to answer the question, I think every girl group can pull of both, it depends on the specific song.
I tend to dislike cute concepts, and I also am not a fan of overly sexy ones. Although if the song's good, I'll like it nonetheless (ex. like a cat, expect). I think classy sexy/powerful is the best. Girls Generation pulls it off well. Overall, I choose sexy over sweet because I find the songs tend to be better. That's just me :)
I think they can all pull both off but I tend to lean more to sexy concepts
I think they can all do both but secret I feel is better sexy haha their cute is too cute for mw
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