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Well, this is certainly going to put a twist on dodgeball. North Carolina's Virtual Public School is piloting the nation's very first online gym class. That's right - starting this fall, enrolled high school students will be logging into P.E.

Virtual Public School students be like:

Basically, how this works is teachers provide online demonstration while students practice those skills then spend the semester compiling a video portfolio to display "progress and display mastery," a press release from N.C. Department of Public Instruction details.
Kind of cool, I guess. But I kind of wish there were more virtual reality involved.
The classes were created to give local students an opportunity to catch up on credits, allow homeschooled students to join a shared P.E. course, and assist "pre-professional athletes with rigorous athletic training demands that require an alternate academic schedule."
If the program proves to be a success, it will be expanded to the greater Charlotte area by spring of next year.
@danidee @TerrecaRiley ok, I know its been awhile since I was in school, but wow
@MinionPeach17 Yeah, I ended up dropping pretty much every online class I signed up for in college because I felt the same exact way. You have to work harder to prove that you're learning whereas in class, you're with your teacher and they can obviously tell whether or not you're absorbing whatever the subject is well. Those Spanish class oral exams were always stressful enough. I can't even imagine how it'd be online.
@danidee not me, I still hate net ball and I've never played sports. well I tried soccer once for my church but never again! playing sports is not my thing
I would change into my PE gears and go talk with the boys because I found the girly games boring and useless. I wasn't reprimanded for it once.
@buddyesd I wonder if this class would be harder or easier than a real PE class though. I mean, when I was in high school, PE was a breeze because you could sit around and pick at the grass while everyone else played flag football lol.
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