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1. Taye Diggs takes on the most gender-bending role on Broadway. The show with Taye as the lead debuts tonight. Let’s see if the critics will Diggs it.
2. A Sousaphonist Trolls a KKK March and it’s pretty hilarious. A sousaphone is similar to a tuba. Let’s just say the KKK wasn’t happy about it. But to that I say : TUBAd.
3. The Onion predicted a breaking news story before it happened. It predicted that the U.S. would work with Israel as part of a way to get through on the Iran nuclear deal. It’s satirically awesome!
4. Pixar released the trailer for its next movie, The Good Dinosaur. He seems really nice and chill like a Tea-Rex. (pun above) It will make your hear saur!
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Me too @danidee. I kinda want to meet the him and give him a hug. Hahaha YES!
At first I thought you meant you wanted to hug Taye Diggs, but then I realized you wanted to hug the sousaphone player. But tbh, WHY NOT BOTH??? :D
This is awesome. Hahaha. My favorite pun was "TUBAd"! Lol!
I’d say it was instrumental in the funniness of this card @allischaaff ;)
I love T-Rexes my siblings call me T-Rex because well my name starts with a t and I have short arms. Lol