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I was walking home with my friend Kayla. And i was going through my phone galley of pictures of G-Dragon. And i showed her a picture with top and G-Dragon and i said who looks the cutest. And she said they all look the same. And i looked at her took our friendship ring off and walked home. c:
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They need to understand not all Koreans look alike. -_-
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To get even I point and say "is that your sister/brother" to every white person so she understands how annoying it is! I don't do it anymore! She learned her lesson :P
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I was showing Ayla EXO and loaded up the yearbook photo shoot to show her Chen cuz he's my fav. She looked over it and points them to say which one looks like which one. -_-
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they do not look the same!!! how?!
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It just gets so annoying like no they dont all look alike.
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