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Found this really cool side table from CB2 that was gold with a Lucite tray--LOVE THIS! But for $149 NO WAY!
I know stuff like this happens to everyone. What item were you loving till you saw the price? For me, this was it. But you gotta admit, gold and clear acrylic are so chic and don't seem to be going out of style anytime soon.
Then I discovered a cute and simple way of creating this for UNDER $30! You seriously are not going to believe how stinkin' easy this is!

For this project you will need:

Ikea "Jall" laundry bag (with stand)
Gold paint (only your favorite!!)
Acrylic picture frame (16" x 20" found online at eplastics for $17)

So all you have to do:

1. Discard (or repurpose) the laundry bag for whatever
2. Spray white laundry bag frame gold and let dry
3. Place acrylic tray over the gold frame legs
Yeah, that's it. Crazy easy, right?! Love stuff like this! FAV! <3
Please tell me what other projects you want to tackle this summer while it's still warm and you can do stuff outside before the winter weather comes, making it really hard to do crafts and spray painting! As always, make sure you use a breathing mask and eye protection. Always spray your paint in a well ventilated area.
* The lucite corner pieces weren't really my style, so I left those out. However, if you're really diggin' it, then you can find these brass furniture corners at most hardware stores. Simply adhere them with strong craft glue.
Omg love it! So chic and SO easy! :D
SOOO easy, which is why I love it too @allischaaff