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So I designed my own luggage tag. I just got it in the mail, and Im super excited. It came out nicer than I expected. I encourage everyone to personalize their goodies with their favorites too. I love designing different things. If you want me to create one with your favorite group or oppa, just send me a direct message for more details. PS: The tags are 2 sided and you can add a limited number of written characters on one side of the tag( ex: cover photo shows where I wrote "FLY TO THE SKY'S HWANHEE")
Side 2: What do you think, did it come out ok?
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@k8wnba20 yesss I love their songs!
@WonnieLee me too, I melted when I finally got to see them in concert. they can truly sing.
wow you're so lucky to go to the concert! so jelly
@WonnieLee lol I still can't believe it happened sometimes till I look back and the fan meet and greet photos. Hwanhee oppa looks 100x better in person. Brian oppa is so hilarious.
How did u go about designing and getting it?