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So I designed my own luggage tag. I just got it in the mail, and Im super excited. It came out nicer than I expected. I encourage everyone to personalize their goodies with their favorites too. I love designing different things. If you want me to create one with your favorite group or oppa, just send me a direct message for more details. PS: The tags are 2 sided and you can add a limited number of written characters on one side of the tag( ex: cover photo shows where I wrote "FLY TO THE SKY'S HWANHEE")
Side 2: What do you think, did it come out ok?
@BlackXShield whaa! my YG and JYP favs. I'm still getting to know BTS. I like "I need u"!
This is such a great idea!! I think personalizing everything is awesome, for more than just having your favorite people/shows/fandoms on your things. But also because it's easier to spot what's yours when you've personalized it or something attached to it. :-) AND you can meet people part of the same fandom that way as well. Multipurpose!
love it
this is great! wow!! how do you make these?
@BlackXShield it's so addictive and catchy
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