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If you're not as obsessed as me about matte black bracelets (and jewelry) then I have to ask, are we both in the summer of 2015?! LOL <3 Even if matte finish isn't quite your thing and you prefer shiny surfaces, this tutorial IS STILL SOMETHING YOU CAN DO!
Matte black shows best on surfaces where there is texture or large facets where you'd expect the light to reflect. These are just some examples of bracelets that would work really well for this project.
Dig through your bangles to see what you want to spray paint or you can hit the low-price discount stores for some inexpensive bracelets. Places like Ross, TJMaxx, Marshall's, etc. You know!

You will need:

Matte black spray paint
Painter's Tape

You need to:

1. Use painter's tape for the INSIDE of the bangles to keep them protected from paint rubbing against your skin.
2. Put on gloves and spray your bangles 1-2 coats, spraying from every angle.
3. Let them dry and wear all summer long!
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