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I posted this on my Facebook (yes I still use Facebook) and have gotten everything but bad response so I'm ok๐Ÿ‘Œ
couldn't agree more with your post! I have 2 different accounts on fb. one for my family and "friends" who don't get me and one for the friends in family who do just to avoid the constant judging.
@JonPatrickHyde I was originally born in Kenya and my mum told me a lot of our traditions were lost when the British came and took over. I live in America and as I said it is a great country but it has no tradition because it's a mix of different cultures. So I miss the traditions that I don't really have.
What is ironic is that I was made fun of in high school for showing interest in my own culture (I am 1/2 Native American). Think about it, my father's ancestors have been here for some 30,000 years - the original "Americans" - and I was made fun of if I showed any interest or pride. Ignorance and lack of interest in other cultures and all one can learn from them is one of the greatest failings of "American" culture. Thanks for sharing!
Agree!! Omg this is so true!!! Constantly get put down and judged for liking different cultures! To be honest it use it get to me, but now I ignore and avoid it! Just doing me and forgetting the rest!! Love that you spoke your mind!! :D