2 years ago
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Hottests Won Over VIPs?!?!
Thirteen hours before the round closed VIPs had over 35000 points more than Hottests so what happened?! Hottests somehow got in almost 50,000 points?
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I'm sorry but I'm kind of happy as a Hottest. Even though I'm a VIP I'm glad 2pm is finally getting so much love since they work so hard and get overlooked. Yay 2pm 馃槃馃槝馃檰
I like 2pm too it's just weird to me how quickly the points changed because I was keeping up with it pretty regularly
wait how is Bigbang eliminated? they had a big lead over 2 pm and they lost?? hmm....
a lot of vips are complaining about this and sending emails saying they believe something is wrong its suspicious