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I'm not really feeling the outfits but they did well!! 〈( ^.^)ノ They also did an interview for Pops In Seoul Rookie Show. They're still quite green so the interview lags in parts, but overall they're quite charming. Ado still hasn't officially been revealed yet. He did the performance and this interview in his mask.....O_o And his profile was kind of empty because he had to be mysterious.
Jelly P speaks English! Lol I was kind of shocked but it's awesome...No member really jumped out at me as a must-have in my bias list but I'll give it some time.
New meme material.....lmao. I'm gonna GIF that. Just you wait and see (´ヮ`) This pretty much describes us international Kpoppers.... But I digress....anyone else dig these rookies?
OMG!!!!!!!! They did SO WELL. A6P!!!!! :D
I saw their MV a littlw while back, glad they are progressing, I really like thier sound
I didn't know of them till I saw this post, but I'll make sure from now on to keep an eye on them. They have such great personalities. I look forward to seeing more from them. Hwaiting~❤
@VixenViVi that's what's keeping me on edge for this group! Its like what's under that mask???
Before this I liked Jaguar but not I'm conflict, they are all great... also I want to see that boys face >.<
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