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ITS FINALLY HAPPENING. I have been waiting for this day forever. Forever and a day. Forever and a day X 1000. It's finally happening.
Soon I will be able to eat Biscuits and Gravy at 8pm. And a hashbrown with my burger whenever I want. Soon, the world will be one step closer to perfect.
After they tested out a limited breakfast menu during April in San Diego stores, they've now sent out a memo telling stores to prepare for an all day breakfast menu for as early as October. The test was also carried out in some stores in the south, where biscuits were prepared all day.

So get ready for all day breakfast everybody: it's coming!

*Note: I'm really not advising you eat McDonald's for every meal all day forever because that would be just horrible and your doctor would probably come after me, but I do recommend you enjoy a hashbrown for lunch every now and then, ok?
**Note: They're probably doing this because they're rapidly losing market share to other chains, and need to find a way to survive in the US.
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I'll get excited when they can finally get the ice cream machine working on a regular basis, smh
I want mcmorning
@drwhat THIS. I'm one of those crazy craves-breakfast-all-day girls. So this is nothing if not excellent news!!! Had my first hashbrown in YEARS the other day, and it was pure bliss.
@KpopKrazed Sadly, I think we might have to wait a lifetime for that to happen. While I am clearly stoked about this, I'll also be excited when they get me get a whopper at any time of day.
@allischaaff Hashbrowns: all day, every day. <- should be their new marketing technique.