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upon entry to this little site, in order to try and make a bit of a small impact... i decided to make an intro...
[S: BECOME THE GIRL] your name is MELZ and you dont know what in the LIVING WORLD you are doing here.... so you decide to make a SUFFICIENT intro, based on your favorite webcomic where EVERYTHING DIES. ... thanks hussie ahem... anyways you live on this strange planet called EARTH, surrounded by communities. you yourself are also part of WAY TOO MANY groups.... but thats fine, because appre ntly NETWORKING is important.
after a while of typing this shit, you get tired though, resorting to letting the people around you do their thing.... what do you do? >> EXPLORE THE SITE
have fun with the site!
Hi. Nice to meet you :)
Nice to meet you.
@jeff4122 I plan to do so, thank you ^_^
Welcome!! Great to have you! :D @SubarsahiDAren