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Who Are Your Male Kpop Biases?
I was just wondering who people's biases are in the boy groups. Some of mine are GD, D.O, Chunji, Jimin and Youngjae but the list goes on and on
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T.O.P, G-Dragon, J-Hope, Kai, Sehun, Chenyeol, Jin, V, Joonkook, and Jimin
2 years ago·Reply
Seungri and G Dragon for sure!!
2 years ago·Reply
ultimate bias BTS Jungkook and G-Dragon, regular bias: Zico (Block B) , Minho (shinee) Zelo (Bap) chanyeol (exo), the rest of BTS
2 years ago·Reply
rap moooooonnnnn awe yea, and of course TOP and bambam......... omg there so many xD
2 years ago·Reply
T. O. P, GD, YoungJae, Jackson, Minho, Chunji, Niel and V
2 years ago·Reply