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One of my favorite lifestyle gurus just shared this pic on Insta. Do you know where this is? A wedding!!!!!!!
How absolutely AWESOME is this?! This is the privately held (family-owned) fast food burger place up and down the southwestern United States. Buns are charred in mustard. Secret sauce. Animal-style fries. Strawberry shakes. A staple of Southern California, this is the place that has lines and lines of cars stuck in the streets, clogging traffic, just for a double-double. And the 35-minute drive-thru wait is TOTALLY WORTH IT!
Friends of mine had food trucks in the Midwest cater their wedding. Loved it. But I have yet to attend a wedding here where In-N-Out was the caterer!
If you are serious about doing something bold, different AND DAMN TASTY, you need to look into choosing these guys for your reception catering! DO IT! And then invite me!
@danidee Have you had the pleasure of going to a wedding catered by In-N-Out?
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I've never been to an In-N-Out wedding yet! But I've definitely seen In-N-Out cater super posh events out here. I would TOTALLY have an In-N-Out wedding myself.. A few years ago my friends did a similar thing. They're your typical California surfer couple, so they had the ceremony on their favorite beach and bought everyone burritos from their favorite taco shop.