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"Lee Min Ho" was his original name, but he has worked under a fake name for two years before his debute. His stage name was "Lee Min" (이민) and he used it for two years. Guess why he use that name as his stage name??? because it's easily remembered. "이민" means "Immigration/Immigrant" in Korean...Lee Min Ho himself said that if he used his stage name, his name would come out in every passport...-.-" Min Ho lives in a apartment with his father, mother and older sister..his apartment is in Sangdo-dong, Dongjak-ku, Seoul, South Korea...They move to Sangdo-dong area because Lee Min Ho bought an apartment for all of his family...but now he's buying another apartment (move again) to Heuk Seuk dong area, back to his hometown, i guess?? he'll be neighbor with Hyun Bin dan Jang Dong Gun. Lee Min Ho's car -> Silver Mercedes Benz Lee Min Ho is a smoker and a alcoholic drinker...but he's not a heavy smoker, and he could only handle 4 cups of Soju / 2 glass of beer. Lee Min Ho always brought perfume in his bag, because he wanted to be a fragrant guy Min Ho inspirational person is his mother, because he thought that she's helping him a lot in his career...but he love his fans very much... All of his childhood friends said that Lee Min Ho were popular among them, especially girls...not because of his face that simply handsome, but also because he's kind Lee Min Ho often said that his family was not rich from the beginning, his family is an ordinary family... Lee Min Ho's mother once said that he found 2 girls fighting to get Lee Min Ho's attention when Lee Min Ho was still in kindergarten Lee Min Ho's older sister, Lee Jun Kyung, also join the entertainment world lately, but he don't want to be recognized as Lee Min Ho's sister, so she doesn't often show up near Lee Min Ho...and Lee Min Ho doesn't want to be known as Jun Kyung's little brother, so he act the same Lee Min Ho's father is a business man who doesn't like publicity, so he doesn't show up himself. All of Lee Min Ho's neighbor said that Lee Min Ho was handsome since he was a kid, so they force Lee Min Ho and his mum to make Lee Min Ho participate in a audition to be an actor Min Ho start his career as a actor when he secretly enter an audition...he reject them at first when he was little but he at least secretly enter a audition Lee Min Ho is still noted as a student in Konkuk University, majoring in Film-Making...but he's still on break because his busy schedule Lee Min Ho was actually a good soccer player. Before he became an actor, he want to become a soccer player because he even trained by Cha Bum Kun (a very good Korean Soccer Player). He likes Cristiano Ronaldo and said that Manchester United was his favorite Football Club. Lee Min Ho was disappointed to know that some of his fans doubt him and ask him if he had a plastic's because one of a plastic surgery clinic show his photos as one of their patients..he confessed that he once had a accident when he played soccer...He broke his nose an it has to be fixed (operated), but it's not a big plastic surgery... He once had a accident on 2006 when he should rest for 6 months...he broke his leg and it has to be operated, doctors plant a silver plate on his leg...he said that it's his saddest moment... he's just debuting and he got an accident...he admits that he's crying at that moment...This accident makes him bury his dream to become a soccer player (a soccer player can't have a silver-plate related operation, especially on his/her legs). Lee Min Ho is "ambidextrous" -> means he could use both of his right and left hand without any difficulty (he could even write using his left hand) because of an injury that force him to use his left hand since his right hand is injured. He learned how to do his activity using his left hand and now, he's able to use his left hand as good as his right hand Lee Min Ho once said that he love social networking, but the truth is, it seems that he rarely update his Twitter, Facebook account, Sina account and Cyworld account...he even opened an official Twitter and FaceBook account because there's a so many fake account that already use his name When he finally opened a Twitter Account and FaceBook account, he said that he realize how important English language were, so he's learning English very hard right now...lately, Staff of Starhaus said that they make Min Ho study English by always talking to Min Ho using English...Jeong Seong Hwa (Min Ho's friend on Personal Taste) also said that Min Ho should learn English...but his English was truly not good...on Singapore fan meeting, he said " i like drive..." when he should've said " i like driving...", LOL...there are many mistypes on his tweet also, but let's pray that Lee Min Ho would be good in English soon !!! When Lee Min Ho got over than 1 Million fans on FaceBook, he held an event...he said that he'll answer some of his fans's questions on Twitter..and he did answer a few !!! But he rarely answer his fans's questions...he even only follow one of Starhaus's staff on his account...he once follow Kim Beom, and several of his friends but he unfollowed them now Lee Min Ho once said that he often read what his fans wrote for him in his Twitter account when he had free time and he said that his fans really made him laugh Min Ho's secret wish is to had a girlfriend...he already had 2 girlfriend before, once on his High School and once on University..his first kiss is when he's on High School, in front of his girlfriend's house !! When he still in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Min Ho said that he once call his girlfriend for 13 hours !!what are you two talking about, oppa?? His Idol is the pretty actress Song Hye Kyo (Full House), but too bad Song Hye Kyo is in a relationship with Hyun Bin. Song Hye Kyo is his type of ideal woman. Lee Min Ho once said that he want to meet Song Hye Kyo noona (since she's older than him) and congratulate her for finding her love already...But now, since Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo just broke up, would Lee Min Ho fill the position as Song Hye Kyo's new boyfriend ?? would he replace Hyun Bin soon??? Lee Min Ho's ideal type of woman : not too tall ( since he's so tall ), clear-skinned (since he's a little bit dark-skinned) and this case, his ideal type is Song Hye Kyo. Lee Min Ho said that he got no problem dating a woman that's even 10 years older than him...even if he date a woman that's 10 years older than him, he said that he'll found a nickname for her Lee Min Ho didn't care about her girlfriend clothing long as his girlfriend were confident with her own style, he won't feel disturbed cr:mysecretent
hey lee min ho I wish you could visit Philippines this year... I really want to see you here in the Philippines... gamsamnida!
hi!Lee minho,I amyour fan..and I really want to see you in person... I hope that you will forgive me..
lee min ho just need to calm downand wait for the right moment to see someone he loves. someone not popular but just ordinary and infamous so u can be able to stay together because popularity couples find it hard to live as long as they want.
Leeh minh if i move close with you i can change you personal, but is not possible becours am not in korea, this is my email see you oopa
Leeh minh hoo can i teach you how to speak english, and please stay away from girs becourse the more you move close to them the more you get into their trap that is my advice from as a lady
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