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okay so we all know that super junior has come out with an AWESOME collection of videos, so i thought, well, might as well share opinions as i have h these empty cards.
FIRST OFF: the music video is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. the story is great with each member, and nothing is more satisfying than good ol' sound effects to top it off! The group was also creative with the usage of what seemed like a succubus? and not to mention dangerous bad boy vibes, with nice summery tune to get stuck in your head for weeks.
NOW THE DANCE video is quite different, showing us bright colors and matching color outfits to show the synchronization of the group's dance moves (as SM commonly does). Now watchimg this video, I came to rhe realizatipn that the song sounds quite michael jackson esque, but somehow they kept it quite fresh, with a summery attitude. This was quite refreshing actually, to see people on their toes for a short amounr of time
IN CONCLUSION the boys are still hot SM is still fresh and its a catchy tune LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! leave a comment :) -melz