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When Lee Min Ho held a fan meeting, the concept would be almost the same, he'll talk about "fun", "happines" , "special", etc...he'll interact much with Minoz (his fans) by accepting their gifts, playing with them, etc...he even hug some of his fans who got upstage Min Ho is only good at Korean, but he's learning English and Japanese...on his Japanese fan-meeting (His Japanese fans were called MJ - Minoz Japan) he's repeating his opening speech to MJ on his way to the backstage...he keep saying " Today, we'll have fun..." in Japanese so many times that makes all of the people around him go speechless And when Lee Min Ho practicing say " MJ no minna-san, Konbanwa...Lee Min Ho desu...ogenkidesuuuukaaa??" (generally means : MJ friends, good night, i'm Lee Min Ho...have you all been great?? ) in the backstage in a funny way, a staff reply him by saying "ogenki desu.." (means "i'm great..") Since Lee Min Ho is very popular in China, he's trying to study Chinese to impress his fans. But once, when his fans ask him how his Chinese is progressing, without doubt Lee Min Ho said that his Chinese was nothing better than a 3-month-old-baby After a photo shoot with Trugen, a camerawoman take a shoot of Min Ho resting on his room...Lee Min Ho look at the camera for a few minute...but the camerawoman said this : " Lee Min Ho ssi, you don't have to look at the camera...", but what did Lee Min Ho did?? he STARE at the camera for a few minutes, makes the camerawoman speechless and her hands were shaking because she feel nervous, makes Lee Min Ho laugh and said " Oooiii..." Lee Min Ho is very melancholic and sentimental during autumn, but he didn't know why When Lee Min Ho was asked what did he do on Christmas, guess what Lee Min Ho answer is "i think it'll be depressing if i just hang out with my guy friends, so i stayed at home. Lee Min Ho's newest project : " City Hunter" where he'll acts as Lee Yoon Seong (이윤성) ,graduate from MIT (Massachusetts Institue of Technology - one of top Universities in the world) and work at Korea's Blue House (just like USA's White House) as an technology communication staff...he got a lot of ability and he's clever, but he's weak around beautiful women...-> just like Rain's character in "Fugitive Plan B". When he already finished "City Hunter", he hold like a fan talk on his Weibo for his Chinese Fans. One of his fans ask him "Are you really Lee Min Ho?? ", and his answer was "No..i'm Lee Yoon Seong..." ^^ (I guess he's too tired to answer that kind of question..LOL..^^) He's taking scenes at Thailand from 24th of March until 31st of March or around beginning of April..At first the's taking scenes in the Damnernsaduak Floating Market on Rajchaburi, Thailand...this location is opened for his fans, so his fans could see him.. When Lee Min Ho shoot scenes on the Floating Market, he's staying and Chatrium Hotel, Thailand...and he's caught looking at some sexy bikini girls's photos. There's a scene at Chatrium Hotel...all of his bodyguard and his management told Min Ho to go out from the hotel from the back door since so many fans were waiting for him, but he said that he'll got out from the front door, because he knew that his fans were there Start from the 28 of March, Lee Min Ho moved to KanChaNaBuri area, Thailand where he'll shoot scenes on the forest, but this area were closed to his fans...At KanChaNaBuRi province, he's staying at P-Guest House Hotel...and the 31st, he'll go back to Bangkok and at the 1st of April he'll go to Suphanburi for the shooting process again...he's coming back to Korea on early morning at 3rd April, resuming shooting on Korea on 5th April...he showed up himself on Gwang Hwan Mun, on the making process of City Hunter...^^ During the making of "City Hunter", Lee Min Ho has to attend a Cantata Event at Jeju Island, for a Golf Tournament and Lee Hyo Ri (a pretty Korean Model) attend that event to, had a chance to meet him and they had lunch together with all of the people who attend that lunch event. Lee Min Ho looks so awkward with Lee Hyo Ri...they're sitting together, side by side by seems that they're not talking to each other much. But Lee Min Ho defends himself that he's talking to Lee Hyo Ri about several things. and when he's asked what Lee Hyo Ri's advice to him, he said "Our relationship is not that close for her to give me advice..." cr:mysecretent
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