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I guess I should stop naming these posts that. Apparently most of you guys knew the male groups that I posted. But anyway. Here is the second post. The female version! 😁 P.S. I don't know nearly as much about female groups, so sorry that this post isn't as detailed as the last post. And some of these may not actually be as "under recognized" as others since the female groups are my forté. Comments would be nice. :)
Chocolat: This group is under Paramount Music, and they debuted in August 2011. The band consists of members Min Soa (leader), Juliane, Tia, Melanie, and Jaeyoon (former). This group is described as "electronic club music," and a "mix of disco." Some of the members say their role models are those from 2ne1, and have adopted a similar style.
EvoL: Under the label Stardom, EvoL debuted in August 2012. The group consists of Saay (leader), Hayana, J-Da, Jucy, and Yull. I enjoyed their song We Are A Bit Different. Say and Yull have some pretty impressive vocals.
Fiestar: They debuted in August 2012 under LOEN Entertainment, but they are now under Collabodadi. The group consists of Jei (leader), Cao, Lu, Hyemi, Linzy, Yezi, and Cheska (former). Check out the songs I Don't Know, You're Pitiful, and One More.
Another "unknown" group is Tiny-G. I wish I could list C-Real, Kiss and Cry and Glam but they all disbanded.
A good song by Chocolat is Black Tinker Bell! I love that song!
I know fiestar.....but only because they were on weekly idol with nu'est and so I started to look them up