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yes! it is time for another review, and i really enjoyed this one! so lets get into it!
OKAY, so i know that most of you wont know who these people are, if you do, kudos, but im still obligated to promote and review them! so.. FIRST OFF, the thing I noticed from the very begining, was the style of clothing of these two girls, i find them really quite pretty and thier outfits amzing. id describe their style as hip hop with a feminine side, which I really like. SECONDLY, id also like to say, that these two girls are so talented, I envy the fact that their voices allow them to rap beautifully with somewhat of an edge, all the while having the silkyness to sing the feminine XOXO's ALTHOUGH the song is quite catchy, the story is a bit hard for me to dicern, so if you get it, tell me what you think in the comments :) IN CONCLUSION its a nice video catchy song appealing animations and styles most definantly a dance ill probably learn, and just a bit bundle of fun DID I LEAVE SOMETHING OUT? COMMENT YOUR OPINIONS :) -melz