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what do you guys think?
rifht?! @JonesyonMars but either way she is going to be bashed bc she should have checked her producers work and his ideas for the MV since they were really good!
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@JonesyonMars I dont blame taylor but her video producer who clearly took the idea from 2ne1's MV. I actually feel bad for taylor bc she might be getting hate from kfans.
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@JonesyonMars omg no! that would have been so much worse for Taylor...i mean I love 2ne1 but I also love Taylor! ...although I do want 2ne1 to perform again lol
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exactly! YG knows how to keep it classy! @JonesyonMars
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@JonesyonMars well YG said nothing to the controversy. ..probably bc CL is making music in the states right now
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