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Kpop Handwriting Challenge
I was challenged by @nokita. Thanks much boo. i challenge @abbypandalover @kkkc @VixenViVi @stevieq @KpopGaby @kpopandkimchi.....I will say I made a few changea from the original cuz I don't like any female kpop groups. I added the 3 songs on repeat section and for gavorite rappers I put an older rapper and a younger rapper. Oh for dancer I made a section for runner up. LOL! I never follow rules. In the original they ask you to provide a female and male artist. Enjoy!
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Lol thanks @kpopandkimchi. Funny story...I used to have bad hand writing in like 3rd grade. my momma does not play when it came to grades. I could not bring home any B's lol. so one day she saw my hand writing in 3rd grade and erased all my work and made me re write everything! at first I was like naw mom I'm not doing it over and so as parents do she gave me something for my smart mouth lol. since then I try to always write nicely ctfu. 馃槃馃槀馃槄