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I really love Heath, I feel he made Joker. He lived and breathed Joker, and I believed every over the top thing (nurse suit) that he did in the movie. RIP
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Heath ledger was by far the worse joker I prefer mark hamill
2 years ago·Reply
@beardman2869 I like both interpretations a lot but I think to each their own. I do wish TAS was more well-known. It was very popular when it was on and it's aged very well- I think in part because of the brilliant voice acting from the entire cast.
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Well we can't say too much about Jared's Joker because the movie did not even come out yet, all you can do is speculate when it comes to him.
2 years ago·Reply
@LAVONYORK this is very true. I liked the fan theories about the character, but I do feel like I should reserve judgement until I actually see the movie
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