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This is how I did it. I started with freshly washed hair that was slightly damp. PRODUCTS USED: Cantu leave in conditioner Coconut oil Cantu curl activator. *first time using it i loveeee it* use liberally a little goes a long way. Gel (NO protein gel or brown gel those are horrible) Iused a clear one (forgot the name) i usually use the red ecostyler one though. Lastly, a spray bottle to keep my hair moisturized without having to keep on applying product. After applying product I then proceeded to flat twist my hair. *Back track* i make sure before that to gently comb out my hair as well as brushing it section by section to make sure it's as smooth as possible. Then i used a tiny bit of gel at the end and put my rods there. For the take down i used herbal essence dry oil on my fingers and sprayed some on my hair. Pros- my hair feels amazing and smells amazing. Cons- too much shrinkage for me. but that can always be fixed by picking the hair at the root gently. Hope u liked it!
@HairConfetti alot of people with my hair texture use it for the edges (to slick them down) it says protein but i doubt it lol it has a thick consistency and leaves a residue its old school but some people still use it. and if u put too much it gets hard as well as it flakes like really bad and who wants flakes falling from there hair haha NOT I. as well as it makes your hair tacky or sticky theres so many cons to that gel
cantu curl activator is AMAZING. You should try using the product if you're doing a wet and go. Thank you so much for this card. I like seeing styles that's relatable to MY hair. Hey...@arios025 check this out!!
Awesome card! I'm gonna try this. I just hope my hair behaves tho
It's awesome and it's in the cheaper end of there products only 11 dollars i think. Which that is usually the price i like to cap at for my hair products. @alywoah
Hey. I was looking for cards like this. Are there others? Your hair turned out very nice. I love Cantu products. And Eco styler gel is a staple.
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