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This is how I did it. I started with freshly washed hair that was slightly damp. PRODUCTS USED: Cantu leave in conditioner Coconut oil Cantu curl activator. *first time using it i loveeee it* use liberally a little goes a long way. Gel (NO protein gel or brown gel those are horrible) Iused a clear one (forgot the name) i usually use the red ecostyler one though. Lastly, a spray bottle to keep my hair moisturized without having to keep on applying product. After applying product I then proceeded to flat twist my hair. *Back track* i make sure before that to gently comb out my hair as well as brushing it section by section to make sure it's as smooth as possible. Then i used a tiny bit of gel at the end and put my rods there. For the take down i used herbal essence dry oil on my fingers and sprayed some on my hair. Pros- my hair feels amazing and smells amazing. Cons- too much shrinkage for me. but that can always be fixed by picking the hair at the root gently. Hope u liked it!
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Lol I've never used Jessies leave in conditioner. But honestly, I am still learning what products work for my hair.
@GeGe21 Thanks for the explanation! There's so much to learn about hair!
Hey. I was looking for cards like this. Are there others? Your hair turned out very nice. I love Cantu products. And Eco styler gel is a staple.
It's awesome and it's in the cheaper end of there products only 11 dollars i think. Which that is usually the price i like to cap at for my hair products. @alywoah
Awesome card! I'm gonna try this. I just hope my hair behaves tho