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I love this show and i miss it :(
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@KpopGaby thank you
D.O. That's just wrong. Lol
They need to come out with a season2 then 3 and on. But at the same time it was this drama that messed up my bias list. Xiumin was #1 and chanyeol was just there, but then after this xiumin and chanyeol are both #1. And D.O. Became 2.
@amandamuska No problem :) @luotl88 Yes!! they need a season 2!! I want more of Sehun and Gwansu (I think that was his name)? I shipped them hard XDDD
I wish this show would go on forever I loved it!! and d.o. broke my heart the whole time because poor him liked ms.icheon but her and chan had a thing