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Have you guys heard about this news. In my opinion 2NE1 song is so much better than Taylor Swift one. I personally don't like Taylor and this makes me dislike her even more. Come on did she ran out of ideas she had to succumb into copying other artist for her videos. what do you guys think about this issue!!!!
To add to this the director of the Bad Blood video is a guy who was born in South Korea, so he's getting a lot of hate too. 2NE1 is the best and this is just free advertisement for them, so I'm not too worried.
@MattK95, I'm sure it will go favorably for 2ne1..people will probably check it out and join our ranks ㅋㅋㅋ
It's not even about who's song was better but it is so obvious that the guy ripped off 2NE1's theme. When you compare them yeah the story and song might be different but the sets are way to similar to be just a coincidence. What a shame, and to be honest Taylor Swift stopped being one of my favorites after she gave up on her country roots and turned all pop to please the media.
I am not to worry. in my opinion it isnt Taylors falut cause it was her director
I'm not really a fan of Taylor Swift, other than a few songs here and there, and only when I'm in the mood, and I am a huuuuuuuge fan of 2ne1, but this doesn't really upset me, the fact it's been brought up is like free publicity for 2ne1. The only thing I'm worried about is whether or not this will spoil people's opinion of 2ne1~~~ :)
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