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Have you guys heard about this news. In my opinion 2NE1 song is so much better than Taylor Swift one. I personally don't like Taylor and this makes me dislike her even more. Come on did she ran out of ideas she had to succumb into copying other artist for her videos. what do you guys think about this issue!!!!
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I am not to worry. in my opinion it isnt Taylors falut cause it was her director
I think this only to make her famous just bc her song can't... Anyway everyone knows 2ne1 is way better.... What she Run out if guys who would go out with her and then break up to write songs???
...isn't this old? bad blood came out a while ago.. so didn't come back home.. I've seen both mvs and they might have similarities but the concept is completely different. at least from what I can remember. 😞
Even if was her director he most of known just to make her famous....
I don't like her either but it probably wasn't her, it was the director if you read the actual article it's quite obvious that he copied some ideas from 2ne1