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To be technical I first experienced kpop in high school. I saw a few videos and thought really light of it, than about a year ago I got totally sucked in!!!! Let me tell you how it all started for me. Than...IT'S YOUR TURN!!! comment and tell me about your first encounter with kpop....
it all began with the hit song LUCIFER from SHINee. ....
Than came SNSD... and SUPER JUNIOR, and than I came across this magical group called BIG BANG and all i got to say is......
YESS!! This card is ON POINT! <3 My first encounter with kpop is a pretty long story xD I just posted a about a few minutes ago, but basically it's all thanks to Mino from Winner! :D
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My first kpop experience was when my Korean brother-in-law introduced me to Big Bang's "Monster" ~ I blame him for my addiction. 😉
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ha ha they dont get it at all.lucifer
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the first kpop I listened to was so hot by wonder girls then haru haru and last farewell by big bang. but not until I watched snsd hello baby did I start to get really into it. lol yea its weird!
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