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Although G-Dragon is my ultimate bias (always has been and always will be), I very often find myself with the guileful yet exciting experience of finding new biases... ALL THE DAMN TIME! Lol!
So... Here are some of my most impactful biases which have caused me to go through MANY emotional roller coasters and punches of guilt, making me feel like i'm cheating on my beautiful GD.
First and foremost... Is of course the amazing leader GD!
My love for him is undeniable and the whole world probably already knows about it ;)
TOP was actually my first bias EVER in the history of my Kpop addiction!! :D
So here's the story: I first started getting into Kdramas thanks to Netflix recommendations (shoutout to Netflix ;P), and eventually came along the "Kpop Extreme Survival" drama after many drama marathons, and I started getting attached to Mino's voice (from WINNER) when he sang TOP's rap solo in Big Bang's "LaLaLa". So after finishing the series I finally decided to look up the song cuz it was deeply engraved in my head, and I fell in love with TOP! <3 (omg they looked so different back then xD)
~ And that was the start of it all ;D
Mino! The gorgeous, adorable, funny, talented, sexy man that lead me to this beautiful sparkly world called KPOP!! I am forever indebted and forever a fan <3
Zico's unique talents, qualities, and charms are what made me fall in love at first sight! His ability to make me swoon is beyond belief. And not only do I really like him, but I respect him too <3
V was the first to catch my attention when I was new to BTS! Everything about him, from his face to his personality, was effortlessly charming!
Jungkook slowly crept up on me, I first began to notice his adorable personality which is SO likable, then I started really liking everything I knew about him, and I love the way he makes me laugh and smile no matter what he's doing <3
Rap Monster is one that took me by surprise... after being captivated by the unquestionable and adorable charms of V and golden maknae Jungkook, I was able to get to know Rap Mon a little more through each video, and the more I knew the more I liked <3
Chanyeol has an incredible talent for effortlessly switching between two extremes: sexy and cute, it's baffling!
He is someone who I can relate to a lot, I found so many similarities in our personalities and our habits that made me even closer to him. Not to mention our birthdays are only 3 days apart <3 <3 (I'm obsessed with matching birthdays)
Tao was my first Exo bias, his enchanting presence and charming appearance captured my attention at first glance. And his personality is SO adorable it's almost too good to be true!
JB was my first Got7 bias, I first saw him in the Dream High series, and liked him so much that I had to find out more... and boy am I glad I did!!!
Jr's charisma and gorgeous looks caught my attention in a heartbeat! When I saw him in Dream High 2 I was so surprised it made me so happy, I was not expecting it <3
So this is what I constantly have to deal with!! There's now way to stop it or control it. Biases just keep on coming, knocking on my door, coming in uninvited, casting a spell on me, forcing me to accept them with arms wide open and mouth sealed tight xD
But what can I do... I'm only a victim :$
I'm sure this happens a lot to you guys too!
What and who are your endless bias problems?
It's fine to have a lot of bias because I also have more than just g dragon
I cant like any other group thats like bigbang cause I feel like im cheating haha
@shjej5835 Too true! That's exactly how I feel.