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yes! its that time again, where I reveiw things after checking my youtube and taking notes.... lets get into it, shall we?
FIRSTLY i would really like to say that out of the three videos i have reviewed so far, although this was the most simple of all, it was also the one to get me dancing in my seat, humming with it, wich makes it all the better! now, usually the first thing i notice in a video is the looks of the idol, or what theyre wearing (you can probably imagine my facial expression when i watched bae bae for the first time) BUT.... that was the complete opposite from this video, this time around, i actually noticed kisum's voice FIRST. its almost a voice youd expect from a k-indie artist.
WHAT also delighted me was the fact that the video jad LYRICS IN ENGLISH. that is not common unless youre watching certain artists, so im sure that pleases many western kpop fans watching the video. THE video itself is actually quite enjoyable , it had that sort of 'unintetionally cute' vibe to it, and started quite pleasantly and maintained it through the song. the entirety of its simpleness is quite refreshing as groups get more and more over the top these days. its also always nice to see good musicians who can act, by the end of the video, i was shipping those two majorly.
AND SO, IN CONCLUSION, AWESOME VIDEO, NICE JAZZY FEEL AND CUTE VIDEO feel free to comment your thoughts ! -melz