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Who's going to the 2015 Kcon LA? The biggest event for all things hallyu right here in the USA!
Which days are you going? All? One? None just the convention? Let us know! DON'T forget there's even more! There's a whole list of featured stars attending as well!! Let's share the love and excitement together!!
Which are you most excited to see? Which is your favorite? Share your thoughts, experience (: Is this your first time going? Any advice for those who are going for the first time?? If you you have any questions we'll be happy to answer them! Credit to the owners of this photo ~I do not own any of the presented ~
I wish....... I want to see shinhwa
I wish I could go :( so close to it yet so far
@montha91 Ohh but at least you'll be able to see their dots and hear their voices ^_^
@CristelaLoz no I got the lame seats for Big Bang. I'm hoping they extend the stage.
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