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This is a preview of a feature we ran on ElectRow.com recently. Please click here to visit the full feature.
So you want to be a DJ, but lack skills and talent? Today's version of DJing is unlike other industries where it takes 10,000 hours to become a master of your craft. Give yourself a couple hours on YouTube and you'll have learned enough to challenge your idols.
A little talent can carry you a long way if you combine it with the right performance techniques. Our industry secrets will drastically improve your sets and thrust you into the limelight. You can put these into action almost immediately and see incredible results.
So without further ado, follow these 6 tips to be a better DJ to fast-track your way to the big leagues. Crowds everywhere will be talking about you and your reputation will increase with every set you play.

#1 Toss food items at your fans.

We can’t fully vouch for this tip, but we’ve seen it done before with positive reception. Fans actually seem to welcome the mess. In the EDM community, soft desserts are the most popular form of edible weaponry, so consider this when you’re deciding. To properly do this, you’ll need to make sure your crowd is tightly packed enough so nobody can dodge, duck, or jump out of the way.
So when is the best time to execute this? When you are losing the crowds attention, you’ll know it’s time. Loop 8 bars of your favorite track and locate your item. Scan the crowd for a face that needs ruining and take aim.
Pro Tip: when launching your food, make sure you account for the wind.

#2 Take a selfie with the crowd.

As a DJ, you wear many hats. One of those hats is photographer. When you play a set, it's always a good idea to take a picture of yourself and the audience. It's great for sharing on social media and you always have an alibi in case something goes down.
You’ll want to make sure the lighting guy turns up the house lights so everyone can be seen in the picture, so feel free to announce that on the microphone. Also make sure you countdown from 3 to make sure no one blinks in the photo.
If you think you’re ready for some more advanced antics, throw on The Chainsmokers’ track "#Selfie" while you take the picture to really further your status.

#3 Have a signature dance move.

If your skills are mediocre, you are going to need to compensate by attracting the crowd’s attention some other way. An easy way to accomplish this is by having a unique dance move. The crazier the better.
You’ll want to make sure that people are taking video of this move so that your reputation can benefit from it. If done correctly, you’ll become well-known for your dancing rather than your skills behind the decks, but still get booked as a DJ.
If you need inspiration or want to see how it’s done, check out Korea’s own DJ Soda.
We've given you the first 3 tips from our feature on ElectRow.com. To check out the other 3, visit our site by clicking right.....here.
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