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@TerrecaRiley awww thanks!
@jlee37 yeah I second @TerrecaRiley ! :D That's the right way to go about things for sure. It's all about the learning experience. And when they're older they'll totally appreciate how you were patient with them and explained the mistake and its consequences, rather than, I don't know, washing their mouths out with soap or smacking them haha.
@allischaaff yes! I don't smack or hit my kids. I've threatened the soap in the mouth, but they know I wouldn't do that. That would be humiliating for them and it doesn't teach them anything.
@allischaaff @jlee37 you speak truth. Although we got some licks as children, it helped somehow. We weren't physically abused though
@TerrecaRiley my Mom didn't hit us. She smacked me one time, it didn't hurt, but it got my attention and I totally deserved it!