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Actor Lee Min Ho revealed he’s not always in good shape. MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’ visited Lee Min Ho’s fall pictorial set on July 15th. During the interview the reporter asked, “How do you keep in shape?”, to which Lee Min Ho answered, “I start working out 3 months prior to start filming a drama. When I’m not working I don’t exercise at all, to the point that I get a big belly. One month after the drama filming is over, I go right back to having a terrible body”, and he gave a very honest answer. Lee Min Ho also revealed that Kim Hee Sun was by far the oldest actress he’s ever worked as his love interest. He stated, “Whenever I took a role in a drama I was paired up with an older woman. Among all my partners Kim Hee Sun’s the oldest”, and he made everyone laugh. To recap, ‘Boys Over Flower’s Goo Hye Sun is 3 years older, ‘Personal Taste’s Son Ye Jin is 5 years older, and Kim Hee Sun is 10 years older. Image: MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’ Source: NewsEN via Nate (c)
But they still look young than there age ac tor lee min ho. Even who's your partner your still a very good actor no 1 I my heart
Park Min Young also...:)