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You guys the song is so amazing. My precious babies. As you know I'm not really into girl groups but there's something about them that I love. I'm glad that they stayed with their sweet concept. I can see the girls doing be things this year. Especially since Glass Bead was so popular in Korea. Crossing my fingers I really hope they win something. Next stop hopefully Purfles will have a comeback.
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@WonnieLee I think might start posting about new groups on here or groups you should listen to
2 years ago·Reply
@daznothephop that's a great idea!
2 years ago·Reply
@WonnieLee I'll need do some research first
2 years ago·Reply
@daznothephop yeah that'll be needed of course. can't wait to see them posts!
2 years ago·Reply
@WonnieLee I'll probably make a new set for that
2 years ago·Reply