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Breath - Sunflower

There is mystery where the border of life and death disappears in Gap Lee’s landscape. There is also contradiction that it cannot go either way between the two worlds but enriches life through death and acknowledges death through life. In the sense that death does not confront against life but lies within it, the awareness of life embracing death reveals and it, in turn, becomes a momentum to expand the understanding of life and width of love. Therefore, the substantial works also aims to investigate the origin of nature with nature-orientated attitude which exists in the nature and conforms to the harmonious world, rather than being an observer outside of the nature as a presentational symbol by building mental value and expanding the range of awareness prior to combination and embodiment of the nature before eye. When entering the nature now, the artist realizes that he has grown as big as his world. The attitude which does not remain formally expressing the nature but seeks for nature’s consent seemingly comes from the eager hope that his expression can move the public’s mind.
Breath - SunflowerBy Lee Woon-gap
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