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Usually my posts are longer and have more thought behind them, but it's not bad to just fangirl over things every now and then. So let's go. I've put together just a bunch of pics of ten different people for us to squee over for tonight.
A smidgen of Taecyeon
A dash of Hoya.
A sprinkle of Siwon
A cup of Minho
A tablespoon of Youngbae.
Some zest of Namjoon
A clove of Jay Park
A pinch of Yongguk
An ounce of Yixing.
And if you know me, you know I have to incorporate Seungri somehow!
Let's just bask in their beauty and talent for tonight. See y'all tomorrow. :) P.S. It was hard to think of more unique cooking terms so I started using similar ones. 馃槀馃槀
@TMinusEleven At least the glitch brought me double hoya ;)
The pics are a little messed up but to be honest I was trying to scroll down to get to the comment section but I kept getting stopped by more pics to squeal over hahaha HOYOOOOYYYYAAAAAAAA
@kpopandkimchi Yeah I know haha. I did it on my tablet, and tried to fix it a couple times. They were such good pics of Lay and Yongguk toooooo. :(
Unless it's only messed up on my end. In which case, ignore me. :p
Hmm that's odd. It still is showing Yongguk and Lay as more pictures of Taecyeon and Hoya? Odd. Just picture Lay and Yongguk there. 馃槀
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