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Saw all the diets that seem to be for women, so I wanted to add one for guys. haha, here goes: The Drinking Man’s Diet focuses on drinking alcohol and lowering carbohydrate intake. The diet originally started with just drinking alcohol and not eating at all when William the Conqueror used it in 1087. But today, it has been altered to include real food in the form of animal protein. Here's what you can eat: •Breakfast: A few slices of cantaloupe, two slices of bacon, two poached or scrambled eggs, coffee or tea. •Lunch: Two glasses of dry wine, or one dry martini or whiskey and soda, broiled fish or steak or roast chicken, green beans or asparagus, lettuce and tomato salad with French or Roquefort dressing, and coffee or tea. •Dinner: Martinis or high balls, shrimp cocktail, steak, pork, lamb or chicken, one cup of low starch vegetables, 1/2 an avocado with French dressing, small serving of cheese, coffee or tea. There are no calorie counts for the Drinking Man's Diet, but daily carbohydrate grams should be kept to 30 or fewer. EXERCISE There is no formal exercise plan given. It's basically a lo-carb diet, but you get to drink. Cheers!
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Losing weight like a Distinguished Gentleman. haha
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