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So i promised and here it is!!!..... Make sure to start with CLEAN, MOISTURIZED, and DETANGLED hair. 1. Start with 2 strands of marley twist hair.
2 Overlap the 2 strands to make one long strand. I measure how long i want the strand to be by just holding it where i want to place it and seeing how long it is from there. More overlap of hair means less length and vica versa.
3. Latch the marley hair to your real hair. Put your real hair between marley hair strands so there are 3 strand. Marley hair, your hair, then marley hair.
4. Twist the marley hair in oppositr directions, still holding tight to marley hair with your hair in between. Just 1 twist.
5. Begin to braid 1/4 - 1/2 inch down or until hair feels secure.
6. Twist your real hair into the marley hair, still keeping marely strands apart.
7. Begin to twist. While twisting, twist the marley hair then twist them together. This will make for a tight twist. Twist all the way down.
8. When done, rub the ends together to seal.
9. Smooth down the twist to get rid of any bumps.
10. Finish your whole head and 5-6 hours later, you're done!!!! I hope this helps. The process is super simple. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Stay pretty Coco
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Wow! You're super patient and it's amazing how you documented each step.
Thanks. :-)
In JA we call this rope twist. I decided not to bother my hair anymore but I'd love to use this marley twist... Great card
I always do my own hair btw. Cheaper!!
How cool. Lobe the end result