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KPOP isn't our WHOLE life. We have other interests, though maybe not as addicting.
I've found that what makes Kpop fans so cool is how they even got into Kpop. It was usually a (great) mistake linked to things they liked before - in my case, Jpop.

What are your past and present fandoms that still have a close place in your heart?

I'm not headfirst into the fandom anymore, but my first ever real fan-family was the MCRmy. Anything MCR related, I probably still know it. I don't really listen to them a lot now just because I want to keep those memories from that time in my life fresh. When I do overhear an MCR song though...its over. I'm singing so loudly I'm pretty sure Gerard can hear me where ever he is in the world.
I had a huuuuge thing for Johnny's Entertainment too. NEWS, Hey Say Jump, KAT-TUN. Tegoshi Yuya is still AMAZING, I love him. I started learning Japanese with their help :)
Harry Potter. Enough said. They are the few books that I feel like I actually get lost in. I forget that I'm reading and I feel like I'm just watching it unfold before me. I'm still looking for books that will get me like that, but I have a feeling HP will be number one, always.

Leave your fandoms in the comments beloooow!

Anime *drops mic*
very first fandom is Harry Potter hands down. then lord of the rings, then pirates of the Caribbean, I then found the Jonas brothers, then in college I rediscovered supernatural and almost every show on the cw. I am a diehard buffy the vampire slayer and angel and charmed fan (yay 90's TV) I foUnd kdramas by a friend and found kpop through that! I wouldn't change it for the world!
I guess my fandom bfr loop had to do with Bollywood and one tree hill gossip girl Gilmore girls supernatural smallville lost grays anatomy all those great American tv shows Hollywood movies like Harry Potter lord of the rings yes the golden era of Hollywood I love Johny depp nd sm other Hollywood stars I still love Hollywood still watch it nd I always watch animes I was just watching one last night nd all Asian dramas and japanese korean thai horror movies they are sooo good of course I am still a huge fan of bruno Mars usher maroon 5 Keith urban one republic linkin park john Mayer Jason mraz and so many other apop and other American singers I can't remember lol kpop getting in to Korean stuff really has if there is smthing good positive and also in my interest out thr I will definitely check it out nd appreciate it if I like smthng then I yeah I like it and that's all thanks sooo much for tagging me I absolutely love and appreciate this card @kpopandkimchi :)
@poojas how did I forget Ghibli?!?!?! 0.0'
I'm a huge Golden Era of Hollywood fan, and Audrey Hepburn is Bae~ I am a Tolkienite (fans of all the works of J.R. Tolkien) huge video gamer, anime fan. HUUUGE fan of music, while I am happy to listen to music from any country K-Pop makes up the bulk of my music library ^^ I don't know what Loreena Mckennit fans are called but I'm one of them lol. Oh and I'm just a fan of books in general, I loooooove reading soooo much! Oh and finally I'm a big fan of the Avatar universe (Nickelodeon show) not the movie with blue people XD
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